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Common House Renovation Mistakes

Common House Renovation Mistakes

Renovating your house is more important than you think. It’s not just about making your house look better all of a sudden. This goes beyond a simple makeover. What you don’t realize is that renovating your house makes so many repairs to it. The small defects that your house have, which are normally ignored at go on to become larger problems later on are simply removed from the roots. This saves you from spending extra money, time, and saves you from stress as well.

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Another benefit that renovating your house brings is that your house experiences a sudden bump in its value. Especially if the renovation is a big and expensive one, your house is bound to have a lot more to it. It will be able to accommodate you or your tenants if you’ve leased the building. It’ll have a lot more features to offer.

Lastly, this may not seem at all important, but your house ends up being a lot better looking than what it was before the renovation process. This has all sorts of advantages. A better looking building means that the residents will be in a better mood at all times, and this is more worth than a lot of money. In fact, if you concentrate, you’ll realize that having the residents live in a better and beautiful environment will increase their overall lifestyle and living standards.

However, before you start renovating your building hoping for the best, you need to realize that you need to think about what you’re doing first. Renovating takes a bit of planning beforehand, otherwise it’ll end up taking more money and time than what you’d bargained for. I can say from personal experience that you should have a clear idea about how you want your house to look like after the renovation is complete. And this doesn’t mean have a general idea. It means you need to have all the specifics written down and well noted. This is important because if you end up with some sort of construction which you didn’t want, you’ll be forced to either live with the unwanted changes, or redo the entire work.

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Let’s get into some of the common house renovation mistakes that people generally make when trying to renovate their houses. You should try to avoid these as best as you can if you want your renovation process to go smoothly.

1.     Know your building structure

You need to have a clear understanding of how your house is made. Don’t end up removing an important wall which is supporting your house. You should try and avoid any changes around the beams holding the house together as well.

2.     Set up a due date for the work to finish

This is also a big problem. You need to talk to your contractor before you start as to when the work might be finished. You need to know exactly when the work will finish so that you can plan your life around it. Otherwise the renovations can take a really long time.

How to paint a new home well

How to paint a new home well

Painting a new home is one of the most fun things you can possibly do. This is especially true if the new house is your own, which you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on in building it. Now the very next step is to paint it. As enjoyable the task of painting the building might be, you’ll need a few tips and hints in order to get the job done.


If you’ve never had the pleasure of painting a house before, you should definitely read through the article, because some slight mistakes can lead to the entire paint job looking rather miserable in the end. We all hate it when our efforts go to waste, so let’s steer clear of the possibility that you won’t paint your house just perfectly. You should be able to get it right on the first go if you follow the given points carefully, as the process is pretty much simple enough. Anyone can do it. If you’re someone who has been painting houses for a while now, or have some form of experience in the process of painting a house, it still shouldn’t hurt to go over the basics once more. You might realize you were making a mistake all along.

Choose colors which go well together

You should either be an artist to choose wild and vibrant colors which seems like they won’t go together at all, but end up matching perfectly, or be very lucky in your color choice. Other than that, most of the time when you go for a really extravagant choice of colors which are different from one another, it just doesn’t work out correctly and makes the entire house look like an utter mess. If you’re unsure as to what sort of paint colors you want to get, you should consult a professional about it. Or you could do some research about it, or at the very least consult your friends and family about the colors that you want to use.

Buy good rollers and brushes

This is necessary. You simply cannot skip this part, because no matter how good the quality of the paint that you have is, there is no way on earth that you’ll be able to paint your house well if your painting equipment isn’t of good quality. You need to make sure that you buy some good rollers and brushes so that the paint is applied smoothly and evenly across the house walls and roof. Skipping this will make the paint job look like it was done by amateurs and will not look good at all.

Paint from the top

Always start painting from the top of the wall. This way, all the paint dripping down will be spread by the brush or roller as you work your way down. If you don’t do this, there will be drip marks all over the wall. You want to make sure that the walls are nice and smooth.