The Most Important Things a New House Requires

Ah, that wonderful new-house smell! Trust me; it’s an even nicer smell when that new house just happens to be YOUR new house! Never again will you have to rent! As nice as a new house is, there are still plenty of things to be done! Your house is still empty; there are plenty of things you still need. What are these things? I’m so glad you asked!



What’s a house without furniture? A lovely soft couch with a gorgeous coffee table in the lounge; a sophisticated wooden dining table with matching chairs; and then of course there’s your hand chosen bed! These things are essential for any new home. It is recommended that they be dealt with early on, if not first as furniture can be quite a hassle to get inside. You wouldn’t want to have your whole house set up just to find out you had to rearrange everything in order to fit in your new furniture, would you?

Blankets and Towels

towelsBlankets are incredibly important, especially if you live in a cold climate! Once you have all your furnishings, you’re going to need to find the perfect covers for your couches, chairs, beds, etc. On top of those, you will also need towels of varying sizes. You’ll need shower towels to dry yourself off after a wonderful hot shower; table cloths for your hands and to dry off your tables after cleaning them; as well as hand towels or rags for taking care of any mess. Believe me, you will find daily life much less convenient without these things!

Tupperware, Cutlery, and Other Essentials

For many people, the most important room of the house is the kitchen. If this is true for you, then I don’t doubt that you will be buzzing around collecting pots, pans, and other kitchen ware in preparation for your first self-prepared meal in your brand new kitchen. You’re also going to need a decent number of plates and bowls, not to mention knives, forks, and spoons. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be out looking for a fancy looking knife set too! Once you have all these things, you can confidently host a new-house party!


Once all the essentials are out of the way, you’ll want to break out some decorations for your house. If your walls look a bit bare, then get in some pictures to hang up there. Buy some flowers to set up around your house. If you’re too lazy or don’t have the time for flowers, get some pretty looking plastic ones and stick them in a vase; I’m sure no one will notice the difference! You may also want some candles or ornaments to place on various desks and tables throughout your house. Once you have bought, collected, and placed all of the above things, you’ll have an amazing, unique house; and the best part about is it’s ALL YOURS!