Finding a Good Flatmate

Not sure that you can handle the full cost of the rental house you want? Or perhaps you just prefer not live alone? Either way, a flatmate is the way to go! It’s always good to have someone there who can take care of the place when you’re busy and vice versa; someone who you can share cooking and cleaning with, not to mention the bills! The hard part is finding someone who is actually going to do those things. How exactly does one go about finding this flatmate?

looking for a flatmate?


If you’re already living in a rental home and you want someone to move in, you can place an advert outside your place; that way people will be able to see what kind of a place it is before they even contact you. If you’re still in the process of renting the place, you can leave an advert somewhere in town. Even better than this would be to advertise online! If you are able to find a site where you can leave an online advertisement for the place you wish to rent out with someone, it will make it much easier to find a large number of applicants.

Testing Your Potential Flatmates

flatmate wantedOnce you have a number of people interested in flatting with you, you can start the interview process. You can’t just choose a person at random; you need to figure out who will be a good, loyal flatmate. The first step of this is to have a chat with them. Don’t just chat online either; you should either meet up with them in person, or at least video call them. The reason for this is so you can assess more or less their personality. If you find their personality to your liking then you can continue with the process. If you find them uninteresting or there’s something about them that you greatly dislike, then perhaps you should consider a different applicant. Try not to be too harsh; if you’re turning people away just because they have a couple of annoying habits, I guarantee you won’t find a single worthy applicant!


Get a Deeper Understanding

Once you’ve narrowed the list down to the people you are confident that you will get along with, you can start finding out a little more about them. By now you will have discussed simple things, such as their likes and dislikes; now you need to go into deeper territory. Start by finding out where they are currently living. Are they living alone or with someone else? If they are living with someone else, ask to get into contact with that person so that you can have a brief chat with them too. The easiest way to find out if someone will be a loyal flatmate is to ask the person who has already been flatting with them! If they still check out, all you need to do is make sure they have a stable income that will support their share of the flat. If they pass all of these tests, then rest assured you have found your good flatmate!