Feng Shui for a new home – does it work?

There’s a huge chance that you know what Feng Shui is, is pretty small. We’ll begin with talking about what Feng Shui is. It’s an ancient art, almost a kind of science, which originated in China over 3000 years ago. It basically circulates around energies in a given space. The space can be literally anything. It can be your workplace, garden or home. That’s relevant since we’re talking about whether or not Feng Shui actually works in a new home. Feng Shui’s main purpose is to ensure good fortune and luck through the control of energies in a given area.

feng shui for home

Before we get too skeptical about whether or not this art actually works, let’s have a good look at what it actually comprises of. We’ll be talking about how you can use Feng Shui on your new home in order to make sure that your relocation works out smoothly and you don’t face any sort of problems in the process. Below are some of the points which you should follow if you want to perform Feng Shui on your new home:

1.     Space clearing

This doesn’t mean clearing the space of everything it contains. Space clearing basically refers to clearing your house of any energy which might have been left here by the previous residents. Energies are not always good, and any bad energy left behind by the previous residents will inevitably end up affecting your lifestyle too. You should aim for a fresh start in your new home, and for that you’ll have to clear out the previous energies in the building.

You don’t need to worry about how much you’ve unpacked. However, it’s preferable that you haven’t started unpacking yet. The most important thing to consider here is that you should have the intention of creating a good new home space for yourself that will prove to be supportive and beneficial for you. You need to open all the doors and windows of the house. Next, you need to use orange essence spray in the rooms. The open doors and windows let the old energy escape, while the orange essence helps bring positive energy to the house.

2.     Rededicating the home

This basically means putting an object in every room which has special meaning to you and is a source of joy for you. It can be a family photo or a plant, or any other thing that is close to you. Place it in a visible position. Once done, move clockwise into every room and focus positive thoughts by concentrating the object you’ve placed.

There are a few other things you can do too, but we won’t be talking about that. Now to answer the question of whether the practice actually works; you really have to try it for yourself to find out if it works. Lots of people have tried it and confirmed that it worked for them. It can also depend on the way you perceive it to be working for you.