What to do When Your Neighbours are Annoying

Have you ever had that blissful moment of being home alone, lying on your couch with a good book? You’re so happy because you have the whole day off and no other priorities until tomorrow. Everything is relaxed and perfect; until one of your neighbours starts playing heavy metal through a surround sound stereo set up right outside your fence! Granted, that doesn’t happen often; but it is quite common for many neighbours to be inconsiderate and just plain annoying! The big question is, can we do anything about it?

annoying neighbour

Check Yourself for Over-Sensitivity

Before you can really decide on a course of action toward your neighbour, make absolutely sure that you aren’t overreacting. If your neighbour is simply playing a classical song through a speaker that you just happen to be able to hear slightly through the crack of your open window, that probably doesn’t warrant any irritation on your part. It is perfectly reasonable to prefer peace and quiet, but not to the extent that you force it on others constantly. If it is simply a case of over-sensitivity, try another means of solving the problem; ear-plugs for example?


Confront Them Peacefully

letter to annoying neighbourIf you come to the conclusion that your irritation is warranted, talk to your neighbour. There’s nothing that your neighbour can do if they are unaware that you are annoyed with whatever it is they are doing. Before going to chat with your neighbour, make sure you have no anger or resentment toward them. Do not assume that they are annoying you on purpose. If you feel this way before going to confront the issue, it is likely that you will end up attacking them with your words, rather than trying to come to a peaceful compromise. If you do speak to them in anger, it is unlikely that they will do anything to change; but if you do your best to be the good sport, they may just respect your wishes.

annoying neighbour

Check if You have the Legal Power to File a Complaint

If you have already attempted to peacefully correct the issue, but your neighbour has not relented, you can take the matter to a higher authority. However, you can only do this if you have the legal right to do so. If your neighbour is trespassing or disturbing the peace, then there is a high chance that if you filed a complaint or went to a Court, you could have your neighbour stop be getting the legal powers to inform them that they must discontinue whatever they had been doing. This should ONLY be done if the case against your neighbour is quite serious. Do not file a complaint about a minor irritation or you will have no luck at all in getting satisfaction.